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Venue Location
Venue Location

Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union

500 Enterprise Drive
Rocky Hill, Connecticut

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Contact Person: Katherine D'Orvilliers
Event Details
Event Details

Credit Union 101 is a full day staff education program designed to provide an overview of key areas that that enables attendees to better understand the uniqueness of credit unions, their similarities to traditional banks, and what it means to work inside a financial services cooperative. This comprehensive overview will help to onboard your new staff and lay a stronger foundation for all employees to better serve your members.

Although Credit Union 101 was developed with tellers, member service reps, frontline employees, and back-office staff in mind, managers and long-time credit union personnel will benefit from the ground-up perspective of Credit Union 101.

Chief facilitator Melissa Robinson started as a part-time teller at a credit union and rose through the ranks to CEO. Melissa has over two decades of experience in credit unions and valuable insight to offer. Please join Melissa for a personal discussion of the topics in a relaxed atmosphere with familial interaction with employees from other credit unions.

Topics include:

  • Credit Union History and Terms
  • Credit Union Structure and the CU Difference
  • Professional Standards, Communication with Members
  • Security, Cash Handling, Robbery, Identity Theft and Confidentiality
  • Negotiable Instruments
  • Account Titles, Personal Accounts, Trust Accounts, Business Accounts
  • Compliance Overview, Truth-in-Savings, Regs B, CC, E
  • Bank Secrecy Act/US Patriot Act
  • Cross-Selling, Basic Sales Vocabulary

We are meeting on the 4th floor in the conference room.


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