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Venue Location
Venue Location

Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union

500 Enterprise Drive
Rocky Hill, Connecticut

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Contact Person: Melissa Robinson
Event Details
Event Details

Lending School from CU Lending Advice, the same firm that works with Brett Christensen.

This Lending School features two separate days focused on two separate groups. There are 1-day tickets available and a bundled 2-day ticket that allows a credit union to send a separate person each day. Please see the Agenda below for full details about what will be covered on each day.

Time: Each day of class will run from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.; lunch will be provided.

Location: Go to the 4th Floor conference room at Nutmeg State Financial CU, 500 Enterprise Drive, Rocky Hill, Connecticut

Lending School Agenda
Lending School Agenda

November 28, 2023: Day 1 - Lending Workshop Topics for Front Line Lenders

Who Should Attend: Loan Officers/MSRs/Lending Management

This all-day engaging and entertaining session will empower you to make great loan decisions and earn more of your member's business.

This course is designed for loan officers, member service representatives, and all lending professionals looking to refresh their lending expertise; this session will cover lending's critical essentials and best practices for lending success including the following topics & more:

  • What must happen in every loan interview
  • Gain more of your member's business
  • Follow the guidelines for secured and unsecured lending
  • Teach FICO scores to members, including how to improve them
  • Spot three bankruptcy predictors and how to deal with them
  • Responsibly underwrite high-risk loans
  • Break out of the Lending Boxes that Bind You
  • Appropriate Collateral
  • Underwriting Traps
  • Real Risk Factors
  • Selling value in a competitive landscape
  • Sell more ancillary products

November 29, 2023: Day 2 - Lending Workshop Topics for CEOs and Lending Managers

Who Should Attend: CEO/CLO/VP Lending/Lending Management

Credit Unions were not "Born Digital", new competitors are entering the market daily. Lending has never been more competitive. Learn how credit unions from across the US are meeting the challenge head-on.


In this all-day course, you and your management team will learn the tactics and strategies of top-performing credit unions around the country. This full-day course is educational, entertaining and will accelerate your Lending results to higher levels.

We will cover a wide variety of topics and give you actionable steps and information to increase your loan-to-share ratio, decrease expenses and deliver loans to your members in a modern engaging process.

Some of the topics that will be covered:  

  • Overview of the Competitive Landscape and Disruptive Lenders
  • Loan Product Rate & Design
  • Productivity and Efficiency
  • Loan Delivery Channels
  • Loan Department Organization
  • Loan Policy Revisions
  • Centralized or Decentralized Lending Operation
  • Indirect Lending
  • Successful Collections
  • Sales Culture Development
  • Setting up a loan department for maximum success
  • Correct approaches to underwriting
  • Variable pay plans that maximize loan production
  • Improve the Credit Union's ROA
  • Typical internal Lending Issues and how to overcome them
  • Mistakes that cause unnecessary loan losses
  • Successful Collections Strategies
  • How to grow your direct auto portfolio
  • Jessica Vartanian (Senior Consultant at CU Lending Advice)

    Jessica Vartanian

    Senior Consultant at CU Lending Advice


Day 1 Only Ticket

This ticket is 1 per person for League-affiliated credit unions. Day 1 - Lending Workshop Topics for Front Line Lenders


Day 2 Only Ticket

This ticket is 1 per person for League-affiliated credit unions. Day 2 - Lending Workshop Topics for CEOs And Lending Managers


Day 1 & 2 Ticket

Ticket for a League-affiliated credit union to attend BOTH days of Lending School. You may change who attends each day.